How Poker Skills Propel Sales Success: Insights from CRO Tawny Hammett

Community Spotlight: Tawny Hammett

In the high-stakes world of business, every move counts. Much like a skilled poker player, sales professionals must master the art of reading situations, knowing when to fold, and adapting swiftly to changing circumstances. According to Forbes, people who show high emotional intelligence make $29,000 more each year than low-EQ professionals. At Poker Power, we […]

The Benefits of Socializing and Ways to Build Your Network

Four women networking while drinking coffee.

In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, the value of networking and socializing cannot be overstated, especially for women. Beyond the realm of professional advancement, building a strong network offers a plethora of benefits, from personal growth to emotional support and empowerment. And in this journey of forging connections, Poker Power can be a surprising ally, […]

5 Tips for Successful Salary Negotiations using Poker Strategies

Four powerful and confident women.

Are you ready to slay the game of salary negotiation like the queens you are? Well, grab your crown, put on your Poker Power crewneck and get ready to rule because we’re about to dive into the magical world of getting paid what you’re worth! Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax: Ladies, let’s start by acknowledging […]

How Poker Can Improve Mental Health

Learning to play poker is fun, but did you know it can actually help boost your mood? We’re sharing our Top 10 Reasons poker can improve mental health.

Mental Health Month is Every Month

It seems like life pulls us every direction, day after day. Here are a few simple tricks to prioritize your well-being and prevent emotional burnout.

How Poker Improves Cognition

From enhancing your memory to sharpening your decision-making skills, there are several ways in which playing poker can positively impact your cognitive function.