You Can’t Spell Woman Without Power

Power may look different on every woman, but poker can help you wear it proudly.

The concept of a “powerful woman” can be subjective and can vary depending on cultural, societal, and personal beliefs. However, in general, a powerful woman can be someone who is confident, assertive, and capable of making decisions. Coincidentally, these attributes are some of the most important characteristics that we, at Poker Power, hone in on.  But what does power look like?

A powerful woman may exhibit the following behaviors:


She believes in herself and her abilities, and is not afraid to take risks. Show up ready for every situation. Poker can help you feel secure in your abilities, strengths, and voice. Be it an all-in bet or showing up ready to slay that big presentation, you’ll gain confidence knowing your best is always getting better.


She is able to express her opinions and needs clearly and confidently. For women in business and life, the word “aggressive” can often seem negative – but in poker, we learn that aggression (taking action, raising, reraising, etc.) puts you at an advantage because you’ll have more to gain. 


She is self-sufficient and does not rely on others to define her worth or make decisions for her.
In poker, folding is a good thing. Poker teaches us how to make courageous, disciplined, fact-based decisions with partial information. Each hand offers another opportunity to learn, grow, and develop our cognitive and instinctual responses.


She is able to bounce back from failures and setbacks, and is not easily discouraged. Luck can happen to anyone, but consistency is key. Sometimes what seems like failure is only preparation for your next success and that’s more than luck. Poker can teach us to gauge situations with a discerning strategy that we can benefit from long-term.


She is able to understand and connect with others, while still standing up for herself and her values. Cultivating emotional intelligence has become recognized and prized across the business landscape. Your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is your aptitude for perceiving, processing, and managing the emotions of yourself and others. Emotional intelligence is a quality that can be enhanced through awareness and practice.


She is willing to listen to different perspectives and consider new ideas, while still staying true to her own beliefs. 


She is driven by a sense of purpose and is committed to making a positive impact in the world.


It’s important to note that there is no one “right” way for a powerful woman to act. Each person has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and ways of expressing themselves. What’s important is that women are empowered to be true to themselves and to pursue their goals and dreams with confidence and determination.

We support each and every woman by helping her develop valuable skills that are often gatekept. We believe that as a community we are better, together, and providing support can make all of the difference. By reframing poker’s reputation as a male-dominated extracurricular played in noninclusive card rooms, to a game of skill and strategy, we’ve shifted the perspectives of all who learn with us. In doing so, we provide women with game-changing, tangible skills that correlate with success.

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