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Frequently Asked Questions

Poker is used to enhance confidence, emotional intelligence and assertiveness while sharpening strategic thinking and decision making skills that translate to all areas of life, from classrooms to boardrooms.

Poker Power is for educational purposes and does not permit gambling in clubs, and no money transacts.

We use poker chips and a leaderboard.

No poker experience is required to start.

We think all who identify as female should learn to play poker. We suggest the age range of 13+ works best with our curriculum.

We want our community always to feel safe and supported, so we use a 100% virtual model, with the use of zoom and app play.

Poker Power splits the one hour lesson in half with an educational presentation in the first part, followed by interactive poker app play.

One hour a week for four weeks, with the option to extend to 8 or 12 weeks.

We have new courses offered every month!

No cancellation fee. We are happy to help you move to another course, please email us at

Lessons are provided for free.

We love to hear from our male allies! The Poker Power mission is to teach 1 million women poker in a comfortable, motivational environment. At this time, we are only teaching those who identify as female. However, our male allies are essential and we are in the process of creating ways for our supporters to be more involved with Poker Power. Make sure you follow us on social media and please check back in a couple of months with us so we can include you in our activities!

We suggest attending all lessons, as they build off each other.

No worries, Poker Power provides one-sheets for each lesson, and every Monday @ 6 pm CST, Poker Power hosts a beginner review and session.

If there’s something we didn’t address or if you’d just like to reach out to say hello we’d love to hear from you! You can reach out to us at