Frequently Asked Questions

Poker is used to enhance confidence, emotional intelligence, and assertiveness while sharpening strategic-thinking and decision-making skills that translate to all areas of life, from classrooms to boardrooms. Our poker lessons give you real-world examples of how poker skills apply to everyday situations and give you plenty of opportunity to practice.

Our poker lessons and poker games are for educational purposes. Poker Power does not permit gambling in clubs, and no money transacts. We use poker chips to simulate the betting, calling, and raising experience.

We use poker chips to simulate the betting, calling, and raising experience found in poker games and a leaderboard for games and events.
No poker experience is required to start. Poker Power offers a unique approach to learning to play poker, making connections between poker skills and the skills that benefit women at work, at school, and at play. We welcome all women, with any level of poker experience, into our poker lessons, games and events.

We think all women should learn to play poker. We suggest the age range of 13+ works best with our Poker Power curriculum.

Discover all of the poker lessons we offer, including:

Community poker lessons

Private poker lessons

High school poker lessons

We want our Poker Power community always to feel safe and supported, so we use a 100% virtual model, with the use of video conferencing and mobile app play for our live, weekly community poker lessons and one-on-one private poker lessons.

Poker Power splits the one hour live poker lessons in half with an educational presentation in the first part, followed by interactive poker mobile app play with your classmates in the second part, all by using video conferencing rooms.

Poker Power clubs, the group that you take weekly lessons with, are held over video conference for one hour a week for four weeks to start. Once you complete Poker Power Basics lessons, you have the option to extend for an additional four weeks in Poker Power Breakthroughs lessons, and another four weeks for Poker Power Brilliance lessons.

How often you join Poker Power community games and events is entirely up to you. Our community poker games and events can last several hours, depending on the number of participants and how long your chip stack lasts. There are numerous opportunities to join poker games and events every week.

We have weekly, live community poker lessons starting every month. Our community lessons are a real-time, group experience led by an expert Poker Power instructor in a video conference classroom. Enroll in our Basics classes if you’re new to poker and the Poker Power curriculum!

There is no cancellation fee. We are happy to help you move to another course if your availability has changed. Please email us at if you need to change your poker lesson enrollment for any reason.

Our poker lessons are provided for free. That’s right! Poker Power is on a misssion to teach 1 MILLION women how to play poker, because the skills gained from playing poker are so essential for women in their everyday lives. Make sure to take your seat at the table with us, and benefit from the power of poker in your life.

We love to hear from our male allies! The Poker Power mission is to teach 1 million women poker in a comfortable, motivational environment. At this time, we are only teaching women how to play poker. However, our male allies are essential and we are in the process of creating ways for our supporters to be more involved with Poker Power. Learn more about Poker Power here. Make sure you follow us on social media and encourage the women in your life to #joinpokerpower!

We recommend attending all poker lessons in order, as they build off each other. If you miss a live session with your poker club let us know and we can add you to the make up lesson for the week. Email us at for help!

No worries! Poker Power provides an easy reference handout for each lesson, and we host a beginner review and class session every Monday at 6 pm CST. Email us at to get the details.

If there’s something we didn’t address, or if you’d just like to reach out to say hello, we’d love to hear from you! You can connect with us at