10 Confidence-Boosting Phrases You Can Use Today

Elevate your mindset with confidence-boosting phrases that can help you feel empowered and ready for any challenge that comes your way.

Confidence is one of the most important qualities for a woman to possess – and it starts from within, by believing in ourselves and our unique abilities.  Confidence also grows from taking risks and learning from them, being able to admit when we’re wrong, and growing with each challenge and failure. It’s also important for women to support other women; fostering confidence in the choices they make and elevating them when their choices don’t always pan out. 

Confidence isn’t something that can be faked: it has to come naturally from inside us (or else we’ll just end up feeling like an impostor). Sometimes our confidence may falter; there will always be times when we doubt ourselves or our abilities. But, staying true to ourselves, taking big risks and making those tough decisions can inspire and nurture authentic confidence. 

Here are 10 confidence-boosting phrases you can start using today! 


1.”I can do this.” 

Confident women believe in themselves. They use this phrase to motivate their actions and push through challenges.


2.”I’m not afraid to try new things.” 

Confident women are open to new experiences and challenges. They use this phrase to embrace new opportunities and learn from them.


3.”I trust my instincts.” 

Confident women listen to their intuition and trust their gut feelings. They use this phrase to make decisions and take action based on their inner voice.


4.”I’m proud of myself for…” 

Confident women acknowledge their achievements and give themselves credit for their hard work. They use this phrase to celebrate their successes and build self-esteem.


5.”I’m not perfect, but I’m always learning.” 

Confident women recognize that they have room for improvement and are willing to learn and grow. They use this phrase to stay humble and maintain a growth mindset.


6.”I respect myself and others.” 

Confident women have a strong sense of self-respect and treat others in that same regard. They use this phrase to set boundaries and maintain healthy relationships.


7.”I’m confident in my abilities.”

Confident women believe in their skills and talents. They use this phrase to assert themselves and take on new challenges.


8.”I’m not afraid of failure.” 

Confident women understand that failure is a natural part of the learning process. They use this phrase to take risks and learn from their mistakes.


9.”I’m open to feedback.” 

Confident women are receptive to constructive criticism and use it to improve themselves. They use this phrase to show that they are willing to listen and learn.


10.”I deserve to be happy and successful.” 

Confident women have a positive self-image and believe that they deserve success and happiness. They use this phrase to affirm their self-worth and maintain a positive attitude.


Remember, confidence is a mindset that can be developed over time with practice and self-reflection. By using these phrases and adopting a confident attitude, you can swing the pendulum in a direction that’s most beneficial to you.

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