Women to Win

Build critical life skills through the game of poker.

Join our virtual classes, real-life events, and mobile app to practice decision-making, risk assessment, and negotiation skills in a supportive, non-gambling environment. Whether you play against the computer or join in on community games, Poker Power combines fun, personal growth and community. Start your journey by downloading the free app.

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Interactive Lessons

Engage in hands-on learning in the mobile app, in our lessons or at a live event.

Guided by Experts

Learn from experienced women poker instructors dedicated to your success.

Community Fun

Enjoy a supportive community with entertainment in every session.

Growth through poker.

Lessons taught by women poker experts


Enhance Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making

Make decisions based on incomplete information.

Improve Risk Assessment

Practice evaluating and managing risks in high-stakes environment.

Boost Emotional Resilience

Build your confidence so that you handle ups and downs gracefully.

Enhance Social Skills

Improve your ability to read behavior and adapt strategy in a social setting.
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Start your poker journey with the Poker Power app—an intuitive, free platform for learning and enjoying Texas Hold’em. Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike, our app provides a wealth of features to guide you toward mastery.

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