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Celebrating Women Each and Every Month

We’re making history this month, and every month, thanks to you. Embrace the journey and go all-in.

This month, and every month, we’re celebrating YOU! With your tenacity and courage, you make juggling family, friends, work, and everything in-between look good. If you’re new here or an old friend, we wanted to tell you how grateful we are that you’ve embraced the journey.

Whether you want to gain confidence in your abilities, find your footing with new, professional resolutions, or increase your emotional intelligence, we’re here to help foster these valuable skills in an inclusive environment, where every woman is always welcome.

Keep your eyes out for our weekly video series during Women’s History Month, where our experts will share some advice from the felt.  Plus, Poker Power will be hosting an exciting roundtable and giveaway you just can’t miss. Check your email for details.

Ready to start playing? Sign up for community lessons and show us your power!

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