Breaking the Glass Ceiling

The world has witnessed remarkable progress in terms of gender equality and empowering women in various spheres of life, but a critical issue remains: the lack of representation of executive women across industries. Despite concerted efforts to bridge the gender gap in leadership positions, many talented and ambitious women still find it challenging to break […]

Erin Lydon “Women belong in every seat and at every table”

Originally posted on “Poker Power is a community led by women for women with the primary goal of utilizing the game of poker to build confidence, challenge the status quo, learn strategy and assess risk. By empowering women with these skills, we can change the future for generations of women. No money transacts. No gambling.” […]

The Importance of Learning Poker Early

For most young women, high school can be the most crucial time for learning and self-development. Transformative and influential, what we learn during these four years can impact how we approach and navigate the rest of our lives. Learning poker has the potential to greatly empower high school girls, fostering their confidence and self-esteem. By […]

Adjusting to a hybrid work schedule? Playing poker could help.

According to a report by Deloitte titled “Women @ Work 2023: A Global Outlook,” women have unique experiences in a hybrid work environment that can impact their career advancement opportunities. As more companies adopt hybrid models, women may be more likely to face challenges such as feeling excluded from decision-making or dealing with work-life balance […]

How Poker Skills Can Influence Your Career

In this fascinating episode of Building Success. Loving Life. , women’s life coach, Karen Gombault interviews Poker Power’s President, Erin Lydon. Together, these life-long friends discuss the importance of learning how to think, strategize, negotiate and allocate capital, like a winning poker player, and how that translates to leadership skills that help women succeed from the classroom […]

Risk-Taking At The Poker Table

Poker Power’s President, Erin Lydon, shares her insights on the challenges women face in the poker industry, and how she’s helping empower more women to embrace the game.

Tilt the Scale in Your Favor

With a few simple techniques, you can learn to channel your emotions into a positive outcome, improving your decision-making skills and overall well-being.