It’s Time To Go All-In

Poker Power is a company led by women for women with the mission of teaching one million women how to play the game of poker—and how the skills and strategies learned translate to career acceleration and success.

Our 90 second video highlights the skills taught and why poker matters.

Who We Are and How We Got Started

Poker Power is a movement by and for women, with the goal of teaching one million women how to play the game of poker—and the skills required to play that predict success in work and life. Through a global network of clubs, tournaments, and corporate events, we utilize gameplay to help women build confidence, challenge the status quo, learn strategy and assess risk in a fun, supportive, safe-to-fail environment. By empowering women with these skills, we are ‘flipping the table’ and impacting the future for generations to come. No money transacts and no gambling.

The company was founded by investor, business transformer, and mom of four, Jenny Just, who saw that the business world was desperate for more women’s leadership: “Things are better when women are involved.” As co-founder of multi-billion dollar investment firm PEAK6, she sees the advantages gaming brings to her own company’s traders, leaders and employees.

What started as a program educating high school girls caught fire – and now Poker Power teaches women of all ages, at every stage of professional growth, in over 150 virtual clubs across 40 US states and in 13 countries.

Why Is This Important?

Women make up half the workforce, yet only 24 percent of leadership positions and 7 percent of CEOs. Despite controlling 70 percent of household spending, women have very little control over corporate spending and decision-making at the upper echelons of business. This crisis has been made worse since the pandemic where now one in four women are considering downshifting their careers, and over 2.5 million have left the workforce entirely. Vice President Kamala Harris is calling the situation “a national emergency.” We agree.

Current times should not undo the decades of professional progress women have made, which is why we help women stack the skills they need to increase confidence and drive success.

Why Poker?

We know there is a strong connection between women’s success, money ownership, and the game of poker: Going all-in gives you the confidence to ask for a promotion. Raising the stakes helps you negotiate. Practice strategic thinking and decision-making with every hand. Get ahead with computation and probability. Understand capital allocation and risk management. Not enough women learn these skills. These are the skills women aren’t being taught anywhere else. But these are the skills women need.

Professional poker player and Poker Power advisor Melanie Weisner says, “At Poker Power, we are teaching women to be better decision-makers, and that is the most empowering thing we can do.”

Where We’re Going

Poker Power is growing every day, reaching women through higher education partnerships, corporate workshops and lessons, and clubs for women of all ages. With your support, we will reach our goal of teaching one million women to play the game of poker.

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