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We are Poker Power pt. 2

If you're not talking money, you're leaving it on the table. Learn how Poker Power is helping to encourage that dialogue and so much more.

In a recent article, Poker Power’s founder, Jenny Just explained that for women, playing poker means gaining everything, with little to lose. Skills like negotiation, emotional intelligence, and decision-making are fostered on the felt while risk-taking is encouraged, and betting on yourself is always the right choice.

Beyond the transferrable skills poker teaches women, it also opens the door to more confident conversations around finances. Historically, money has been a sensitive topic for women, especially in business, and that unease means we’re often leaving money on the table. But, as Just explains, “you don’t have to be fluent in money, but you have to be conversational in money.” Poker lays the groundwork for that dialogue. 

We asked a few of our community members what else poker helps with and they were eager to show us their cards.

Finding your Voice

Poker Power has been absolutely crucial in finding my professional voice in every role I have been in. When I first started to learn poker, I was initially very nervous about it. I had always played cards growing up but poker was very intimidating because of its traditional yet uninviting male audience and its emphasis on the movement of real money in the form of gambling. After my first lesson, I realized that this game was about translatable business skills and confidence. 

Approaching situations unapologetically

After our class learned poker, collectively we feel “smarter.” These feelings of confidence drive us towards unapologetic decision-making.
We’re also considering options more broadly, always weighing the opportunities for success.
I recently met with women in our offices across the United States.  One pulled me aside to describe her recent promotion and raise.  She explained how empowered she felt after learning poker and completing the lessons with Poker Power. She explained how being “bold,” and “asking for what you want,” were important values that made way for the recent success.

Navigating life’s tough hands

I learned how to ensure I’m getting a fair deal while putting myself in the most advantageous situations. I also learned how to better navigate and handle variance and my emotions. I now focus on the quality of my decision-making, not the outcome of the hand.

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