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5 Lessons Poker Taught Me

Poker Power’s Managing Director, Erin Lydon celebrates Women’s Equality Day with a personal essay about the lessons she’s learned from the felt. 

Listen Up!

Erin Lydon

Erin Lydon sat down with Beata Kirr on the Women & Wealth podcast and discussed how poker can help women make bolder financial decisions.

We are Poker Power pt. 2

If you’re not talking money, you’re leaving it on the table. Learn how Poker Power is helping to encourage that dialogue and so much more.

Approaching Life Courageously

Whether you’re at the table preparing to raise or entering the boardroom as the only woman, approach each situation with courage.

How to Adapt Your Resume

Switching careers? Be sure to update your resume with your unique, transferable skills. We’ll show you how.

How to Ace Your Mid-Year Review

Mid-year reviews are here, do you feel prepared? Here are the down and dirty rules for getting the most out of your review.

Determining Your Value

There’s no one like you! Set yourself apart and learn how to communicate your unique skill set to an employer.

Powher Up: Bankroll

Learn how Poker Power’s Xuan Liu, applies the principles of bankroll in her personal and professional life.