5 Tips You Need to Start Playing Poker

After learning the rules to No Limit Hold’em, you may be wondering how to approach the game’s strategy. To get you started thinking about poker strategy the right way, check out five tips to take your game to the next level.

Storytelling Through Bets

playing cards and poker chips

“Does the story make sense?” This is the type of question a poker pro might ask themself when considering how to respond to an opponent’s bet. So what can we deduce from our tablemates’ stories and how can we tell the story of a hand through the sizes and sequences of our betting?

Playing Cards for Gold Medals: Which Country Would Win?

Which country would win a gold at poker

What if poker were an olympic sport? Match Poker, a version of online poker where players are dealt the same cards, is under observer status as an olympic game. Alongside other potential events, such as Rugby or competitive rafting, poker is waiting in the wings to feature at a future olympics. So what would poker […]

Online or Live Poker: Which Suits You?

online poker, computer with cards

As the plexiglass comes down at Vegas poker tables, a feeling of normalcy is returning to live poker. High-risk holdouts finally feel safe enough to return and many new players are stepping into a cardroom for the first time. But should you? Poker takes two forms, virtual and physical. While the rules of online and […]

Why Playing for Free Is the Best Way to Learn Poker

Playing poker for free is the best way to learn

As a poker educator for women worldwide, Poker Power advocates for practicing with play chips and not real money. Not only is it the cheaper way for beginners to compete with experienced players, playing for free has tangible benefits for your learning and enjoyment. Here’s why playing for free is the best way to learn […]

Poker 101 for Women (and What the Game Really Teaches You)

Poker. It’s more than cigar smoke and big egos. It’s a way for women to hone human skills and build hard skills. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you. Here’s a preview of what you learn in your first Poker Power lesson, and how those lessons can help you at any table in life. Learn the […]

Q&A With Poker Champion and Chess Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer Shahade plays at poker table

Jennifer Shahade is one of poker’s most iconic and accomplished figures. She has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in poker tournaments and contributed to poker’s meteoric rise as a globally recognized ambassador for the game. Incredibly, she’s also a two-time US Women’s chess champion…