We play poker to teach women game-changing skills, including strategy, confidence, and capital allocation.


We play poker to teach women game-changing skills, including strategy, confidence, and capital allocation.

Take Your Seat at Any Table

We teach poker. To women who want to win or change the world. Because poker’s more than a game. It’s a game-changer. And it gives you the skills to succeed at every table in life — from the classroom to the boardroom.

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How to Get in the Game

These are a few of the partners benefiting from Poker Power


What Women Are Saying

Rachel S.
“As a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, I’d spent many years working on negotiations, so I thought I knew a lot about the art of making deals; yet once I started learning how to play, I could immediately see applications that related to my job: when to go all in, when to fold, how to recognize tells.”

Rachel S.

“Everything we can do to raise those voices and get a seat at the table. That’s what really draws me to the mission of Poker Power because I think we represent a big piece of the population, and we should definitely have a bigger voice and more places at the head of the table in the C-suite.”

Cynthia D.

“I like the social aspect of being a part of the Poker Power club, but I am also improving my critical thinking skills. I had always thought of poker as a game that cowboys play, but I was wrong. It really is about risk and reward.”

Lan Q.

“I think as a female we tend to be risk adverse. But Poker Power has really taught me to be more confident in my decisions and play the game of poker more aggressively, which has really translated to life.”

Abby M.

“I’ve joined Poker Power taking the unique decision-making in poker and applying it to business strategy and everyday life.”

Melanie W.

“A woman who plays poker is one who is confident and one who is not afraid to take risks because she knows the return.”

Journee L.

“Poker allowed me to step out of the box of being a young twenty-something girl and into being a force to be reckoned with! Teaching at Poker Power allows me to share this amazing game with women beyond any reach I could have accomplished on my own – it’s a team effort!”

Amanda B.

“My experience of poker power has been very positive, very educational, and empowering; and not just actual poker playing, but in cultivating a sense of self in general.”

Youmna R.

“Poker Power has really taught me how to be confident and to use those skills that I learned on the table, off the table.”

Neha P.

“I got involved with Poker Power as soon as I saw their mission statement—teaching one million women poker skills that can also be applied to life.”

Hannah F.

“I learned to have meaningful conversations with my 13-year-old daughter. Now she’s learning to play and gaining skills for her journey to adulthood.”

Lindsay E.

“I am 50-years-old and I don’t think it’s too late to learn new things. Learning to play poker has helped me make connections with other women, it’s helped me learn that if you make a mistake, just do it differently the next time. Win or lose, you don’t fail at trying.”

Kim C.

“I joined Poker Power because as a women’s right advocate, their mission really resonated with me of giving women a seat at the poker table, which is a space typically dominated by men.”

Gabby A.

“I like knowing how to play poker because when I went to go play with the guys, one of them didn’t know how to play, and I got to show off that I could play.”

Lucie H.