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As thoughts of a looming recession take hold of an already strained economy, women are forced to rethink their work-life balance to maintain control of their financial autonomy. This could mean putting more on a seemingly overflowing plate. Do I need to go back to school? Should I completely change careers? How do I better manage the money I already have? What’s the right decision?

Poker won’t give you all the answers, but it can offer the tools you need to transition and pivot, and we know that to juggle so much at once, flexibility is critical. Poker offers that. If you’re nervous about a game that has traditionally been gate-kept by men, we were too. While we teeter across the ladder of uncertainty, especially professionally, the more prepared we can be, the better. Poker prepares us for the strategy of life, if you think we’re exaggerating, think again. 

If life is a game, you should always play to win, and when it comes to betting on yourself, the stakes have never been higher. Whether you’re looking to find your voice in the office, expand your emotional intelligence within your peer group, or develop a strategy for disciplined decision-making, poker can teach you all of this and so much more. Ready to get started? Register for our expert-led poker lessons now, and discover the power of poker.

Put the Power of Poker in Your Hands


Be a step ahead of the competition with invaluable negotiation skills. Our experts show you how patience, practice, and thoughtful EQ will serve you well in the game of poker in the boardroom and in the classroom.


Here, folding is a good thing. Poker teaches us how to make courageous, disciplined, fact-based decisions with partial information. Each hand offers another opportunity to learn, grow, and develop our cognitive and instinctual response.

Risk assessment

Luck can happen to anyone, but consistency is key. Sometimes what seems like failure is only preparation for your next success and that’s more than luck. Poker can teach us to gauge situations with a discerning strategy that we can benefit from long-term.


Show up ready for every situation. Poker can help you feel secure in your abilities, strengths, and voice. Be it an all-in bet or showing up ready to slay that big presentation, you’ll gain confidence knowing your best is always getting better.

Remember, “Poker is a skill game pretending to be a chance game.” – James Altucher

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