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Undefeated: Michelle Nastasis

As a professional poker player, Michelle has had to face unique challenges and she’s ready to share her story. 

At Poker Power, we believe in the power of the collective. Supporting goals, encouraging progress, and embracing our unique abilities to create a brighter future is our mission and one we stand firmly behind. Today, and every day, we celebrate each and every person in our community and are so proud to share Michelle Nastasis’ story. As a member of the LGBTQIA community and professional poker player, Michelle has faced unique challenges. Despite opposition, she has learned invaluable skills from the game and is ready to share her story.

Knowing the Game

Let me start with the obvious – I am transgender. I am also a professional poker player and have been for more than fifteen years. Have I faced bigotry? Yes. Have I faced negative comments? Yes.

In 2018, I was 1 of the 48 invitees to The Woman in Poker Summit hosted by The World Poker Tour. I was the only person in the room who could speak to playing poker as either gender.

What has poker given me?

Confidence. The confidence that I can compete on equal footing with anyone at the table, and in the business world.

Poker has opened up a world of self-expression. I am a fashionista at the table (I own over 400 dresses and well over 1,400 pairs of high heels). I feel I play my best when I look my best. That means full makeup, a dress and heels. My nickname at the table reflects the confidence I have in myself. I am known as “The Ice Princess.” This name is indicative of the way I play: ice cold; zero emotions and the cold heart of an absolute assassin. My “signature” is my icy stare.

Freedom through Poker

Poker has allowed me to have the ability to own and operate a business related to my unique stature within the game. Poker has allowed me the freedomto chase another dream – that of acquiring my pilot’s license and flying my own airplane.

Poker gives you skills you never thought of, while teaching you more effective and efficient ways to deal with real world situations.

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