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We are so proud of community member and fierce female, Jane, who shares why playing to win can make all the difference.

When we teach women how to play poker, it’s never just about the card game. Poker offers insight into how we approach difficult decisions, what strategies we can implement to sway things in our favor, and how we overcome social challenges by better understanding our peers.

We love hearing how Poker Power has created positive change in your personal and professional life. By taking the time to share your individual experience with us, you’re strengthening a community of like-minded women learning and growing together.

We are so proud of community member and fierce female, Jane, who shares why playing to win can make all the difference.

Jane’s Testimonial

Do you play to win? Not just in games, do you play to win in life? When I started playing poker, I realized my answer to that question was, “no.

I started playing poker and I was struggling, not with the rules, but with the decisions. Why did I have a stomachache when it was my turn to raise, to re-raise, or bet half the pot? It’s just a game, right? Yet it was so difficult to be bold in this practice game with nothing on the line. I was surprised at the extent of my natural instinct to be timid. I realized I’m playing small, playing safe, playing not to lose.

In poker, winning requires you to take risks, to be bold, and sometimes you have to be aggressive. Not reckless; the best poker players know when NOT to play. And yes, you need some luck and you may lose, but ….you may also win.

I can say to you, “play to win” and you’ll agree, who would argue with that? But words and actions are very different. If you play poker, hand after hand, every few minutes you’ll be forced with that choice, how do I play to win?

And as you practice playing to win in poker, you’ll quickly see this show up in other parts of your life. The potential life lessons from playing poker are profound, including building confidence, learning risk management, and practicing resilience. But a play-to-win outlook goes beyond any of those discrete skills. What if you played to win in ALL aspects of your life?

Are you playing to win? Come play poker with us and let’s see!

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