Erin S.

Playing poker helps in knowing when to act. In business, you’ll encounter situations where you want to set the tone, and you should act first. In poker, the first-mover advantage can set the stage for the discussion.

Martina W.

The skills women are learning through poker have direct applicability to their work as entrepreneurs and investors, and the game has proven to be a great foundation for deal-making.

Cynthia D.

Everything we can do to raise those voices and get a seat at the table. That’s what really draws me to the mission of Poker Power because I think we represent a big piece of the population.

Amanda B.

Amanda B.

Poker allowed me to step out of the box of being a young twenty-something girl and into being a force to be reckoned with!

Mary S.

Mary Serafin

Playing in a live tournament after Poker Power’s lessons was so exciting and empowering. I got to apply so many of the learnings around confidence, tournament strategy, and value that made the difference in getting to the final table and winning!

Lan Q.

Lan Q.

I like the social aspect of being a part of the Poker Power club, but I am also improving my critical thinking skills. I had always thought of poker as a game that cowboys play, but I was wrong. It really is about risk and reward.

Abby M.

Abby Merk poker player and poker power instructor

I think as a female we tend to be risk adverse. But Poker Power has really taught me to be more confident in my decisions and play the game of poker more aggressively, which has really translated to life.

Journee L.

A woman who plays poker is one who is confident and one who is not afraid to take risks because she knows the return.

Youmna R.

My experience of poker power has been very positive, very educational, and empowering; and not just actual poker playing, but in cultivating a sense of self in general.

Neha P.

Poker Power has really taught me how to be confident and to use those skills that I learned on the table, off the table.