Sorry, not sorry!

Own who you are and what you want, no apology necessary. If you're tired of being sorry, these simple swaps will help.

Over-apologizing happens in the office, at home, and everywhere in between, and if you find yourself saying you’re sorry for delayed emails, unopened texts, or inclement weather, you could be an active offender – but don’t be sorry!

A study from the University of Waterloo, Canada, found that women apologize more often than men because of a lower threshold of perceived offenses. The habit of over-apologizing could be affecting your chances of moving up the corporate ladder and might be stifling your interpersonal growth.

If saying sorry has become a staple in your email correspondence, texts, 3 p.m. meetings, and weeknight dinner conversations use these simple tricks to break the habit.

Be mindful

Take time to understand what it is you’re apologizing for. An apology isn’t necessary for:

·  Things that are out of your control

·  Things you didn’t do

·  Asking for clarification

·  Not having all the answers

Be proactive

Replace “I’m sorry” with these more empowering phrases: 

·  I’m following up on …

·  Thank you for understanding.

·  Excuse me, could you please repeat that?

·  Unfortunately, we will need to extend the deadline to …

Be direct

Confident, concise communication skills demonstrate your effectiveness as a contributor, partner, and leader.

·  When do you expect this?

·  My deadline is …

·  The goal of this assignment should be …

·  Do you have questions or concerns that I can address?

Always bet on yourself

When we sit at the poker table, we’re taught to approach each situation with bold forethought and an unapologetic commitment to our decision. Even if we make a mistake in poker, we take that knowledge and apply it to our next hand. Never apologize for learning or for wanting to move forward. If you’re interested in finding out how to make moves unapologetically, sign up for our community poker lessons today.

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