Poker clubs for high school students

Poker Power teaches you how to play poker because poker is a powerful and a fun way to learn life-changing skills. Poker teaches skills like confidence, strategic thinking, and decision-making. You’ll also learn risk management, resiliency, how to analyze data, and make logical decisions under pressure.

So, gather your crew and come learn to play poker with us. Poker Power’s expert women poker instructors will teach you to play No-Limit Texas Hold ’em in a fun, friendly setting with other teens. Open up a gateway to a more confident you.

Join a Club for Teens!

Gather members of your crew and create your own Poker Power club or join a club with other teens. We offer tailored poker lessons for ages 13+ who want to have fun and build confidence while learning from our expert women poker instructors. Give us your info using the form below. We’ll match you with one of our amazing teachers and coordinate from there. It’s quick and easy, so deal yourself in!

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