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Practice Makes Power: Lavonne

Lavonne shared how poker can help tackle life's challenges. Learn why poker is more than just a card game.

Our gal pal and community member, Lavonne, shared why poker is more than just a card game. 

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Why did you join Poker Power? To gain new friends and community.

How has Poker Power changed your perspective on poker? Helpful to see and meet other women who are serious about poker!

Biggest takeaway or benefit from learning and playing with Poker Power? Confidence.

Your advice for new women interested in playing a hand. Poker is a great way to tackle all the difficult and challenging things in life. How to lose well. How to win well. How to deal with unfair situations. It’s ripe for self-growth.

Did you attend a Poker Power community class, or a corporate workshop or poker tourney? Community class.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve Poker Power and make it more valuable for you! If you were the boss, what recommendations would you give? Have meetups at major tournaments.

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