Practice Makes Power: Laura

Our community member, Laura, shares valuable feedback about her time with Poker Power.

Our fierce friend and fellow poker player, Laura, sent over her valuable feedback and we love to hear it!

Want to share your Poker Power experience? Drop us a line anytime, anywhere. 

How has Poker Power changed your perspective on poker? I love that Poker Power is empowering women in so many aspects.

Biggest takeaway or benefit from learning and playing with Poker Power? 

Meeting amazing people.

Your advice for new women interested in playing a hand. 

You can do it! Start at whatever level or venue you are comfortable with. I remember my heart beating out of my chest the very first time I went to a poker room alone. And I didn’t die!

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve Poker Power and make it more valuable for you! If you were the boss, what recommendations would you give? Once the health care issues resolve, I would love to see more live events!

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