Practice Makes Power: Belinda

Our fabulous friend and community member, Belinda, shared her recent success and we couldn’t be more proud! 

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I am sending you this note to say thank you for all the classes you (and everyone else at Poker Power) led last year. I learned so much.

Last Saturday, I had my best poker results ever when I finished second in a tournament with over 1,500 entries. Then, last night, I finished first in that same tournament format, with over 1,200 entries!

While I definitely ran well in both tournaments, my play was different after finishing the Poker Power classes.

  • I made calls in spots I would have folded because the story the player was telling didn’t make sense
  • I made some really tough folds in spots I wouldn’t have before
  • I worked hard to keep my emotions in check when I lost a big hand. Last night, I was all-in with two other players. I had pocket Kings and so did one of the other players. The third player had AQ offsuit. There were two aces on the flop, and then I was down to just over 10 BBs. That was a hard hand to lose, and instead of rage shoving all-in on the next hand, I stayed patient and looked for a spots to get chips back.
  • I bluffed – 3 bet bluffed in a few spots which I wouldn’t have done before
  • In more than one spot, I remembered “don’t be afraid of the monster under the bed” 
  • On a number of hands (that I wasn’t involved in) I was able to correctly guess what hand someone else had – which was exciting! 

I know I still have a lot to learn, but I wanted you to know how much I got out of the classes you ran and I wanted to say thanks! 



Practice Makes Power: Belinda

Belinda, a Poker Power community member, has become a poker champ! Find out how she puts her power into practice.