Powher Up: Confidence

Learn how our collegiate ambassador, Nina Kuhn, applies confidence on and off the felt.

For most young women attending college on campus, poker lessons might be at the bottom of their to-do lists. Acclimating to leaving the nest, balancing a full class load, and being an active participant in an ever-blossoming social life is enough to make a new college student’s head spin. But for Nina Kuhn, a busy business major at Tulane University and a Poker Power collegiate ambassador, she found poker to be an essential addition to her schedule.

From an early age, Kuhn was naturally drawn to organizations that supported female empowerment and actively led both business-focused and volunteer-oriented extracurriculars in high school. When she made the transition to college, she learned that being confident while unearthing common ground with her male cohorts was more important than ever.

After recognizing the gap, she saw poker as her answer. Learn how Nina applies confidence on and off the felt.


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