Poker Queen Holiday Gift Guide

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Poker Power’s Poker Queen gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for the empowered women in your life.

Always remind the fearless females around you to not only pull up their seat at the table but to Flip The Table!

Get comfy with this queen of hearts sweatshirt.

Practice your poker skills with this stylish lucite poker set.

Wake up and drink in the empowerment with this “well-behaved women” mug.

Treat yourself with a Kinship glow up before, after, or during ladies night.

These spanx leggings are the perfect comfy but put-together pants for Zoom calls.

Poker Queen meets Queen’s Gambit with this chess set.

To remind us how far women have come: Women Making History book.

This journal is for the women who will Change the World.

Read ‘em and reap  

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