Poker Power Went All-In At TEDxChicago

Poker Power Co-Founders Jenny Just and Juliette Hulsizer share the importance of taking your seat at the poker table and beyond.
Juliette Hulsizer and Jenny Just

Recently, Poker Power Co-Founders Jenny Just and Juliette Hulsizer presented on the TEDxChicago stage. In their compelling dialogue, they share how they’ve cracked the code to success. Their message was directed to everyone in the audience but held a special place for women, “If you want to empower women, teach them how to play poker.”

Juliette Hulsizer was 14 when her father noticed a weakness in her tennis game – she wasn’t anticipating her opponent’s moves or strategies. He suggested she learn poker to develop these skills. Now 17, she is a Senior at Lake Forest Academy, a three-sport varsity athlete, and co-founder (with her mom) of Poker Power. Their mission is to prepare one million women to compete and succeed through poker – encouraging women to develop the necessary tools required for success. Poker teaches you much more than strategy; you’re engaging in real-time risk assessment, problem-solving, decoding body language, and making confident decisions over and over.

Juliette and Jenny are challenging women to live the Poker Power motto: take your seat, use your voice and always bet on yourself.

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