Poker Power and Zogo

Poker Power teams up with Zogo to gamify financial literacy for Gen Z and beyond.

Poker Power teams up with Zogo to gamify financial literacy for Gen Z and beyond.

If you thought learning finance was intimidating … think again.


Poker Power is excited to announce their newest education platform launch with Zogo, a financial literacy app created by Gen Z, for Gen Z.Within 14 bite-sized, earn and learn lessons, users will weave together the connection between money management and No-limit Texas hold ‘em. Fun, fast, simple – and completely inclusive. The app and its lessons are designed for anyone, and everyone interested in learning in a no-pressure environment. Plus, the earn as you learn model incentivizes users to complete modules with pineapple currency, which can later be converted to real-life dollars.

Poker Power is adding to Zogo’s impressive platform with the fundamentals of poker: strategy, bankroll management, and risk assessment; crucial skills required to be successful at any stage in life. Once the 14 modules are completed, engaged users can move on to Poker Power’s community teacher-led virtual lessons, where more in-depth poker play can happen: no gambling, just gaming.

“I am thrilled to announce our new education platform launch with Zogo – an app that introduces the basics of the game to a wider audience than we can reach with our live classes,” said Erin Lydon, General Manager of Poker Power.  “Zogo reinvents financial education one game at a time and introduces poker in a way that aligns with our goals of inclusiveness and bite-sized learnings and continues our mission to teach women to master the game of leadership by playing a game of skill. We believe Zogo’s learn-and-earn model will spur women who have never been interested in poker to give it a try. You can download Zogo via our dedicated link.”

 Zogo’s founder and CEO, Bolun Li shares Lydon’s enthusiasm. “We’re so excited to partner with Poker Power. At Zogo, we believe everyone should have equal access to financial education. While that includes learning about investing, financial institutions, etc., it also means learning skills like negotiation, risk management, and overall confidence to manage your money and life effectively – those are all things you can learn from Poker Power.”

Through this partnership, women will begin their journey with Poker Power, putting the power of poker in their hands with 24/7 access to poker basics. She can then transition to instructor-led lessons and gameplay. Turning those invaluable poker skills into real-life ones.

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