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Owning It

Gina A. LoGalbo, Esq., has never passed up an opportunity to do more. Learn how poker changed her personal and professional trajectory!

Village Clerk, honorable Marine vet, and proud mother, Gina A. LoGalbo, Esq., has never passed up an opportunity to do more. But who would have known that picking up a simple card game would galvanize her personal and professional trajectory?  We’re excited to share LoGalbo’s incredible story because a win like hers deserves to celebrated!

How it started

I began taking classes with Poker Power in February 2021. I signed up for the Mother-Daughter class. One year later, I’m madly in love with Texas Hold ‘Em! I wish I would have learned to play as a young adult (I’m 43). Even though I’m a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and lawyer, I’ve always struggled with my confidence. Poker Power’s message of self-confidence and living boldly resonated with me early on. A local opening for the town Village Clerk came up after I took the Poker Power lessons, and I went for it! I hadn’t planned on running for office for several more years. Fortunately, I was chosen and appointed to the position. Since then, I’ve become more involved with local politics, and have developed relationships with office holders in a relatively short time. If I hadn’t taken the Poker Power classes, I doubt I’d be on this path. 

My professional goals include: working on political and electoral campaigns, and becoming a high-level staff member of an elected official,  or other organization. I know that I will reach these goals much faster because of Poker Power! I’m becoming less afraid of rejection, and more confident to “make money moves.” I’d also like to add that I took 2nd place in a charity tournament after playing for a short time, which also increased my confidence. 

How it’s going

I’ve made many new friends from playing poker both from playing with the Poker Power ladies and in person. Playing poker has also helped my mental health, especially during the pandemic. I’ve always had at least one game to look forward to each day. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Poker Power and its staff for bringing this permanent joy to my life. 

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