Kyna England Named MSPT’s First-Ever Female ‘Player of the Year’

Congratulations are in order, as we celebrate our very own Poker Power instructor, Kyna England who was named MSPT’s Player of the Year. After a stellar performance at the Winter Poker Classic, England is riding the winning wave as the first-ever female to take the title. 

To some, this may seem like an overnight success, but the buildup has been a steady one for the champ. While studying math and probability at the University of Colorado, England’s roommate began teaching her poker. Now, after four years of practice and competition, she sits among the few who have outplayed the best.

When COVID-19forced the poker world to hit the pause button, England kept on playing, taking time to share her expertise with others. “During the pandemic I started teaching withPoker Power and throughout quarantine, I made it my mission to study and get better,” England explained. “I sharpened up my game to teach the other ladies, and I just believe that if you want to get better, you will.” 

And she only kept getting better. Positioning herself as an early MSPT favorite, she climbed the leaderboard with her intuitive poker savvy, confident moves, and expert behavioral assessment. It’s no surprise that 2021 proved to be England’s year, as she competed well throughout the tournament season, ranking high within prestigious competitions spanning the country.

Ironically, England almost dropped out of the competition before winning Canterbury Park.  “I almost didn’t come here but I’m so close in the POY running and it’s just a significant thing to win to say I’m the number one player of this season.” 

We are all so very glad she stayed to play. With a new title to add to her list of accomplishments, Poker Power can’t wait to see what England does next.

At Poker Power, Kyna England uses poker as a vehicle to help women develop fundamental skills like negotiation, strategy, emotional intelligence, and risk assessment. Our fun, interactive community lessons empower women to make confident decisions while exploring their own, unique approach to the table game. This New Year, give yourself the gift of confidence while living fearlessly when you unlock your power through poker.