How Poker Skills Can Influence Your Career

Erin Lydon

In this fascinating episode of Building Success. Loving Life. , women’s life coach, Karen Gombault interviews Poker Power’s President, Erin Lydon.

Together, these life-long friends discuss the importance of learning how to think, strategize, negotiate and allocate capital, like a winning poker player, and how that translates to leadership skills that help women succeed from the classroom to the board room.

Erin also talks about how the skills you learn at the poker table are directly applicable to the work environment. She goes into detail about the top 3 skills you learn, why they are relevant, and examples of how women have benefitted from learning poker.

Together they dive into some of the challenges women are facing today, and how things have evolved since they started working 25+ years ago, and how to break through the invisible force field that exists for many women.

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