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For women, by women

Poker Power is a company founded by women, for women. We teach women how to play Texas Hold ‘em, and to think, strategize, and allocate capital like a poker player.  We know there’s a strong connection between women’s financial and professional success and learning to play the game of poker.  Through this simple card game, women foster confidence, strategic thinking, risk assessment, capital management, and emotional intelligence. Not enough women are taught these valuable skills, but Poker Power is changing the game, one hand at a time.

Our philosophy

Every woman who learns and works with us matters. One by one, we inspire and empower each other to accelerate success in our own personal and professional lives. As a lean startup, everyone on the team is encouraged to contribute and take accountability. Like the poker table, Poker Power is a meritocracy–your title, your background, and your education matter far less than your ability to step up, work hard and deliver our mission and vision.

How we’re changing the game here and abroad

We partnered with Global Give Back Circle, bringing the power of poker to 6,000 high school girls in East Africa. This innovative partnership brings corporate mentors, including Microsoft, SAP, KPMG, and Poker Power together to deliver game-changing skills and strategies to an underserved population.

In April, we launched our Poker Power Play app. The hard work of many colleagues across PEAK6 contributed to the successful launch of this first-of-its-kind, gender-neutral teaching app. All who learn with Poker Power now play on this video-enabled app which offers unique teacher functions and features that enhance classroom learning and gameplay for our entire community.  

Intention, every day

Poker Power truly lives its mission! We support each and every woman by helping her develop skills that are often gatekept. We believe that as a community we are better, together, and providing support can make all of the difference. By reframing poker’s reputation as a male-dominated extracurricular played in noninclusive card rooms, to a game of skill and strategy, we’ve shifted the perspectives of all who learn with us. In doing so, we provide women with game-changing, tangible skills that correlate with success.

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