Finding Your Passion

Get inspired and start living up to your truest potential. Ready to get started? Learning poker might just be your secret weapon.

Think back to simpler times when all we worried about were recess rules and multiplication tables. When lunchables were king (or queen) and the final school bell felt like the best part of the day. And when we were asked what we wanted to be, our response always started with, “when I grow up…” Well, most of us grownups are all grown up and yet, we’re still awaiting that aha moment to figure out what our calling is.


The Japanese believe the answer exists within a Venn diagram known simply as Ikigai. The central theme is purpose and finding it is relational to passion, mission, profession, and vocation.






When we’re able to piece these fundamental concepts together, the picture becomes clear and the path to passion is paved. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Take the time to familiarize yourself with how these four major concepts can be broken down. Make a list and unearth what blockers have been keeping you from fulfillment.


What do you love to do? 


What can you be paid for and still enjoy the work?


What are your skills and how can you use them?


What does the world need and how can you support this?

At Poker Power, we believe that every woman can take control of her future by honing in on the important skills necessary to advance at the table and in life. With each lesson and hand played you’ll be one step closer to your goals – and we can’t wait to show you how.

Whether you’re looking to find your voice in the office, expand your emotional intelligence within your peer group, or develop a strategy for disciplined decision-making, poker can teach you all of this and so much more. Ready to get started? Register for our expert-led poker lessons now, and discover the power of poker.


Be a step ahead of the competition with invaluable negotiation skills. Our experts show you how patience, practice, and thoughtful EQ will serve you well in the game of poker in the boardroom and in the classroom.


Here, folding is a good thing. Poker teaches us how to make courageous, disciplined, fact-based decisions with partial information. Each hand offers another opportunity to learn, grow, and develop our cognitive and instinctive responses.

Risk assessment

Luck can happen to anyone, but consistency is key. Sometimes what seems like failure is only preparation for your next success and that’s more than luck. Poker can teach us to gauge situations with a discerning strategy that we can benefit from long-term.


Show up ready for every situation. Poker can help you feel secure in your abilities, strengths, and voice. Be it an all-in bet or showing up ready to slay that big presentation, you’ll gain confidence knowing your best is always getting better.

Read ‘em and reap  

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