AJ Rudolph Wins Again!

Congratulations, AJ Rudolph! AJ won the Malta Poker Fest's Ladies First! Poker Tournament hosted by defending champion, Christina Read.

Poker Power made its way to the Malta Poker Festival (MPF) and our very own AJ Rudolph won the Ladies First! Event – we couldn’t be more proud.

Women from all corners of the globe headed to Malta for the Ladies First! Tournament. Women’s Poker Association (WPA) Advocate Chris Read, who traveled from the United States to play at the MPF, won the event last year after agreeing to a heads-up deal with MPF Founder Ivonne Montealegre.

The best thing about this special, inclusive event was that it ranged from beginners to seasoned poker players. A special thank you to AJ for hosting a crash course for newcomers; ensuring they were confident and comfortable playing at a live event.

Read ‘em and reap  

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