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Adjusting to a hybrid work schedule? Playing poker could help.

According to a report by Deloitte titled “Women @ Work 2023: A Global Outlook,” women have unique experiences in a hybrid work environment that can impact their career advancement opportunities. As more companies adopt hybrid models, women may be more likely to face challenges such as feeling excluded from decision-making or dealing with work-life balance issues. However, the Deloitte report also highlights potential benefits for women in hybrid work environments such as greater flexibility and a better work-life balance.

Recent data suggests that some of the issues women face in hybrid work environments may improve by the end of 2023. Bloomberg reports that after three years of trial and error, hybrid work environments are finally becoming more inclusive for women. The number of women who have reported feeling excluded from meetings and decisions has gone down. Additionally, Gallup reports that women tend to prefer and work better within hybrid work arrangements, indicating that with some adjustments, the hybrid model could offer a positive work environment for women.

Other sources suggest that there are still significant challenges that women will face in hybrid work environments. A Harvard Business Review article notes that women may face a “double disadvantage” in the hybrid work environment, where they must balance in-office and remote work while also managing domestic expectations. The stress of managing multiple demands could erode job satisfaction and lead to less favorable career outcomes.

Overall, while hybrid work models could offer benefits such as increased flexibility and work-life balance for women, companies need to be mindful of potential barriers and work to mitigate them to ensure a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

What can you do to better prepare yourself for the latest hybrid model? Playing poker can offer several benefits to women navigating the new work environment.

Decision-making Skills

Poker requires making calculated decisions under pressure. This skill translates well to a hybrid work environment where women may need to make quick decisions about task prioritization, project management, or balancing remote and in-person work.


In poker, players must adapt to different opponents, strategies, and situations. Similarly, in a hybrid work environment, women may face varying work arrangements, communication methods, and technology platforms. The adaptability developed through poker can help them navigate these changes effectively.


Poker involves analyzing information, reading opponents, and strategizing to overcome obstacles. These problem-solving skills can be applied to work challenges encountered in a hybrid environment, such as troubleshooting technical issues or finding innovative solutions to remote collaboration.

Focus and Concentration

Playing poker requires sustained focus and concentration to analyze information and make rational decisions. This ability to concentrate can help women stay productive and avoid distractions while working remotely.

Emotional Resilience

Poker involves managing emotions and handling both wins and losses gracefully. This emotional resilience can be valuable in a hybrid work environment, where women may experience unique challenges and need to navigate differing expectations and demands.

Networking Opportunities

Poker provides opportunities for social interaction and networking with diverse individuals. Similarly, in a hybrid work environment, maintaining professional connections and building relationships with colleagues can be vital for collaboration and career advancement.

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