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A Galentine for Valentine’s

Our fantastic community member, Sylvia shares her love for Poker Power. Sylvia, we love you too!

Nothing gives us the warm and fuzzies like your kind words and personal stories. Our Galentine and community member, Sylvia, sent over a special valentine that we’ll be keeping in our stash for good.

We love to hear your experiences and how you’ve been empowered through poker.  Want to share something? Drop us a line anytime, anywhere. 


My name is Sylvia Miller, and I’m 70 years old and will be 71 on February 22 this year, God willing.  I live in Charlotte, NC but I’m originally from McKeesport, PA.  I love to play poker and one day hope to compete in a big tournament.

Community to me means a group of diverse women joining together and teaching each other how to play poker.

I joined because I want to see more women playing poker and winning.  

My biggest takeaway from Poker Power is the motivation they give us to play and win at poker and to treat each other with respect.

Thank you so much,


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