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14 Surprising Stats About Women in the Workplace

While women have made great strides to close the gender gap, there's still much to be done regarding pay, promotion, and leadership.

Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve grown accustomed to all-day loungewear, our new hybrid work life, and the ever-changing landscape of social norms, but nothing could have prepared us for the drastic jump in gender gap statistics. In a matter of 12 short months, the gender gap between men and women increased by 36 years: that’s parity in pay, education, and job opportunity. We’ll need an edge to close that gap, and poker might just be that edge.

So, why poker? Why not?  Poker is a medium for confidence, strategy, negotiation, behavioral science, and risk assessment. These skills are fundamental when competing for jobs, internships, closing deals, and asking for what you deserve.

What’s next?

Unearthing workplace inequality is just the start. Learning how to navigate and overcome these inequities may sound like a beast of its own, but really, it’s all in how you play the game. Much like poker, the workplace requires strategy, high emotional intelligence, risk assessment, and a whole lot of confidence. You can learn this and so much more when you invest in yourself at Poker Power.

Take control of your future with classes that put the power of poker in your hands. You’ll learn from our seasoned and skilled instructors who combine logic and psychology in a fast-paced, interactive course geared to galvanize your success.  Sign up today for online poker lessons and go all in.

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