Why Poker

One Million Fearless Women

That’s our mission. And poker? That’s how we get there.

Poker Teaches You How to Bet on Yourself

At Poker Power, we know there’s a strong connection between women’s success, money ownership, and the game of poker. So we teach women how to play Texas Hold ’em to compete and succeed in business, finance, and life — all in a fun, supportive, and safe-to-fail environment.

Learn the Beauty of Risk

Knowing how to take calculated risks is crucial in business and in life. Be one step ahead while assessing patterns and behavior.

Think Like a Champion

Every hand offers several outcomes to consider. Poker fosters confidence while encouraging bold decision-making.

Take Control

Poker requires emotional discipline. Create winning patterns through practice and patience.

Join a Community of Powerful Women

The poker table is where deals are made, where friendships are forged, and where winners take all but share the wealth. Have fun, gain community, while learning valuable life skills.

We Make Room for Everyone

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of the Poker Power mission. We believe that all discrimination slows the advancement of women both in school and in life.

Deal Yourself In

See how big one little card game can be.