Learn How to Play Poker with Poker Power | Texas Hold'em Style

Learn How to Play Poker with Poker Power

We teach women how to play poker and to learn game-changing skills to succeed at every table in life—from the classroom to the boardroom. Whether you like participating in a live group or at your own pace on your own time, Poker Power has a poker lesson style to match.

Poker Power is for educational purposes and does not permit gambling in clubs. No poker experience is required, and no money transacts.

Poker Lessons On Demand

Improve your odds of being successful. Poker Power shows you how to play poker with free, interactive, on-demand poker lessons! Sign up now for our Texas Hold’em poker lessons, and you’ll be the first to hear when new lessons are ready to watch on your own time.

Weekly Community Lessons

Get an expert intro on how to play poker in our free weekly virtual lessons, led by Poker Power’s female poker teachers. Gain basic Texas Hold’em poker game knowledge, and play in a live group setting, building the confidence to take your seat at any table.

Sneak Preview: “How to Win with Poker Power”

Curious what these interactive, on-demand lessons are all about? Want to know more about Poker Power’s approach to learning how to play poker? Not sure how learning poker translates to becoming fearless? Watch our introduction video here, and then sign up for more access to our free, interactive poker lessons.

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Sneak Preview:

Wondering How Poker Power Delivers? Join Us and Discover:

How to play Texas Hold 'em poker
  • Gameplay Basics

    If you want to play the game, you need to know the rules—and when the rules are made to be broken — so you can play on your own terms no matter the position.

  • Poker Lingo

    From pocket pairs to a preflop aggressor, you’ll quickly learn common terms related to Texas Hold ’em poker, and how they translate to real-world scenarios.

  • Translating Skills to Action

    Poker is all about making bold moves and calculating risk. Practicing by playing poker gives you a leg up when it comes to negotiating everyday situations.

  • Going All-In with Confidence

    Here’s where you start taking control and influencing outcomes. At the table. In relationships. In the office. Create those winning opportunities in your life.