Three poker superstars will join the board, each with a unique professional background to further the organization’s mission and reach

CHICAGO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Three superstars of the poker world, Xuan Liu, Jennifer Shahade, and Melanie Weisner, have joined Poker Power’s advisory board. They will work with Poker Power to help those who identify as female learn the key life and professional skills poker offers, including decision-making, strategic thinking, capital allocation, and risk management. 

The new advisory board will participate in player outreach, as well as curriculum and product development. They will also serve as brand ambassadors, furthering Poker Power’s commitment to partnering with leading organizations, like Kellogg School of Management and the Women’s Poker Association. 

“I’m honored to work with these incredible women who share our mission and vision for the organization,” says Erin Lydon, managing director and general manager of Poker Power. “Poker Power as a whole will benefit from their years in the industry and expertise in the field.”

Jennifer Shahade has contributed to the meteoric rise of poker as an ambassador for the game. Her podcast, “The Grid,” was named 2020 Podcast of the Year by the Global Poker Awards. She is a Pokerstars pro as well as a two-time women’s chess champion, the first woman to win the U.S. Junior Open and the author of several books including “Chess Queens” (2022). Passionate about female empowerment, Shahade thinks poker offers many important lessons that can be particularly useful to women.

“I love the potential of poker to make me a better version of myself,” Shahade says. “Poker can help anyone make better decisions.”

Poker industry consultant, bilingual commentator and champion Xuan Liu has played the game since she was a child and at some of the highest levels for most of her adult life. She is known for her extensive winnings in tournament poker. 

“Poker can arm women with essential life skills like learning the beauty of risk, negotiating like a pro, and taking control,” says Liu. “These are all lessons they can take from the game room to the boardroom for the rest of their lives.”

Professional poker player and coach Melanie Weisner holds multiple European Poker Tour Ladies’ Event titles, a World Poker Tour Six-Max title, and has cashed 40 times in the World Series of Poker. She also has competed on televised poker shows, including the “World Series of Poker,” “Poker After Dark,” “Premier League Poker,” and “Late Night Poker.” 

“Poker isn’t just a game of cards. It’s about strong decision-making and the methodology of calculating precise, high-value decisions in a sea of imprecise information that models the business world in a fascinating way,” Weisner says.

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Poker Power is a company led by women for women with the goal of teaching one million women how to play the game of poker—and the skills required to play that also predict success in work and in life. Through a global network of clubs, tournaments, and corporate events, Poker Power utilizes gameplay (not gambling) to help women build confidence, challenge the status quo, learn strategy, and assess risk in a fun, supportive, safe-to-fail environment. By empowering women with these skills, the organization plans to change the future for generations to come. To learn more about Poker Power, please visit