Rebecca, aka Sparky, started playing poker 17 years ago.  She was terrible at it, but she stuck with it because she loved the social aspect of the game.  Her persistence paid off, and she slowly became one of the top players in her Chicago-based home game.  Outside of poker, Rebecca was an occupational therapist for 30 years, and as a staunch feminist, she appreciated supporting other women in all of their endeavors including poker. One year ago, she made the brave (or crazy) decision to pack up all her belongings, her dog and her cat, and drive to Cancun, Mexico. She now resides there and considers Mexico home.  She loves teaching poker to women and girls, and she is happy to see more and more women sitting at poker tables wherever she goes to play.  But she says she won’t be truly happy until she sits down at a poker table and at least 50% of the people there are women.