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Poker Power is a company led by women for women with the mission of teaching one million women how to play the game of poker — and how the skills and strategies learned translate to career acceleration and success.

A workshop with your goals in mind

Live workshops that incorporate in-person learning and hands-on gameplay

Virtual workshops for convenient learning and online gameplay

Higher educational partnerships targeting women who want to advance their careers

These are a few of the 150+ partners that have benefited from Poker Power.

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Let Poker Power show you how a little game can be a game changer

To learn more about Poker Power Corporate Workshops and the true value of poker, simply schedule an introductory 30-minute call. A knowledgeable team member will explain how poker translates to the workplace, answer any questions and discuss how our virtual, in-person, and hybrid programs work.

Our professional team is comprised of poker experts

Poker Power instructors are seasoned, vetted poker players ready to mentor and inspire the next generation of women leaders in your organization.

See what some of our partners are saying


“When asked for advice from those starting their careers in sales, I never would have thought to say ‘learn poker’ despite playing the game myself. That is until I saw Poker Power in action. Learning to think and problem solve workplace challenges using the skills and strategies of poker gameplay is brilliant! This is leadership development at its best and truly can move the needle on empowerment.”

Ernest Jones
Sales Leader
Amazon Web Services

“As a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, I’d spent many years working on negotiations, so I thought I knew a lot about the art of making deals; yet once I started learning how to play, I could immediately see applications that related to my job: when to go all in, when to fold, how to recognize tells.”

Rachel Saunders
Apex Digital Assets

“Many of the qualities of successful poker players are the same characteristics that successful leaders embody. The Poker Power program teaches vital leadership skills including, negotiation, decision making and emotional intelligence — all transferable skills that apply in real-world business settings. Women who participate in the Kellogg program learn and grow in those areas over the course of three months.”

Prof. Gail Berger, PhD
Deputy Director
Kellogg Center for Executive Women