Unlock the Power of Poker

If you’ve been looking for a sign to register for poker lessons – THIS IS IT. Learn valuable skills in a fun, safe-to-fail environment.

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Powher Up Hour: Game Changer

In case you missed it, we’re sharing our inspiring panel discussion hosted by Erin Lydon. Watch now!

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Powerher Up: Negotiation

Learn how our instructor, Abby Merk, applies negotiation on and off the felt.

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Negotiating the Division of Household Chores

If you’ve been wondering how to divide domestic responsibilities fairly, we’ve broken down the process into four simple steps to ensure everyone does their share.

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woman improving negotiation skills through practicing poker

How to Negotiate in Business Using Poker Skills

Learning the rules of poker can shape how you negotiate in the real world. Build your negotiation skills with the power of poker.

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