Unlock the Power of Poker

If you’ve been looking for a sign to register for poker lessons – THIS IS IT. Learn valuable skills in a fun, safe-to-fail environment.

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Powher Up Hour: Game Changer

In case you missed it, we’re sharing our inspiring panel discussion hosted by Erin Lydon. Watch now!

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Powher Up: Bankroll

Learn how Poker Power’s Xuan Liu, applies the principles of bankroll in her personal and professional life.

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pensive woman in glasses on computer with clip art poker chips and hands

Learn How a Poker Game Can Help Balance Your Budget

Learning to play poker helps balance your budget with transferable life skills. Sign up for online poker lessons at Poker Power.

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Woman on e-reading device

3 Personal Finance Tips Schools Don’t Teach (But Poker Does)

College is too late to start learning finance. That’s what a majority of Americans believe, according to this recent Qualtrics …

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How to Successfully Negotiate Salary at your First Job

Your first salary negotiation lays the foundation for the earning power of your whole career. Raises within your current company and negotiations with future employers are anchored to your starting salary, as the value you bring to an organization is often conflated with your wage.

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