Tilt the Scale in Your Favor

With a few simple techniques, you can learn to channel your emotions into a positive outcome, improving your decision-making skills and overall well-being.

CardsChat with AJ Rudolph

AJ Rudolph

Poker Power’s AJ Rudolph sat down with Robbie Strazynski on the CardsChat Podcast to talk about her recent Women in Poker Hall of Fame Bounty Tournament win and so much more. Listen now!

How Poker Relates to Business

Poker’s fundamental principles of skill and risk assessment prepare you for navigating the complex and understated world of business – read on to find out how.

Secrets from the Felt

woman's hand holds poker chips on table with Poker Power grid

Our Poker Power instructor Amrutha Alladi shares her secrets, to help set you up for in-person playing success. 

A Seat of Her Own

Amrutha Alladi

Poker Power instructor, Amrutha Alladi shares what she learned from her very first in-person poker game in Las Vegas.

We are Poker Power

How has poker changed the game for you? We’ve collected powerful testimonials from women winning one hand at a time.

Owning It

Gina A. LoGalbo, Esq., has never passed up an opportunity to do more. Learn how poker changed her personal and professional trajectory!

Unlock the Power of Poker

If you’ve been looking for a sign to register for poker lessons – THIS IS IT. Learn valuable skills in a fun, safe-to-fail environment.